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Inside the Infrastructure Revolution:

A Roadmap for Rebuilding America 

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In her latest book, Inside the Infrastructure Revolution – A Roadmap for Rebuilding America, Mary Scott Nabers provides detailed guidelines for success with large, collaborative public projects. Mary lays out the case for collaboration as the only option because public funding is no longer adequate or available. She challenges citizens and taxpayers to understand that private sector investors, who are willing to accept on significant project risk, can be held accountable and completed projects will always be owned by public entities.  Mary asks readers to look carefully at the cost of continuing to neglect public assets like roads, bridges, water resources, airports, electric grids, healthcare and educational facilities and points to their critical role in maintaining America’s global leadership position. The book is an essential read for all stakeholders in this new marketplace.



Collaboration Nation:

How Public-Private Ventures are Revolutionizing the Business of Government

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In COLLABORATION NATION, government procurement expert Mary Scott Nabers makes the case that public officials at all levels are rethinking how they deliver services–which can be delivered more efficiently in collaboration with private enterprise. This new collaborative megatrend, driven by economic necessity, will lead to unprecedented opportunities for innovative companies to create solutions to help reinvent government and reinvigorate the American economy.  The book will be of high interest to public officials, legislative and other elected officials and private sector firms who sell into the trillion dollar government marketplace.



Praise for Collaboration Nation

“If you have a company that is not doing business with a local, state or national government entity, you need to read this book. You are missing opportunities. “

“This book is worth reading to gain an understanding of how “the system” works, or doesn’t work, and why. Even better it suggests what’s needed to fix what’s broken and improve on what does indeed work.”

“The book is also highly accessible and well-organized, providing value whether you are a 30-year civil service veteran or a freshman political science major.”

“Mary Scott Nabers has written an enlightening book on the evolving nature of public-private partnerships. She is a leader in this field with her successful company focusing on assisting businesses in understanding and participating in government contracting. The book is a thoughtful resource.”