An immediate need exists for contractors interested in alternative health care facilities

An immediate need exists for contractors interested in alternative health care facilities Public officials in every major city in America are dealing with responsibilities related to mental health issues of a portion of its citizens.  County leaders in heavily populated regions are also dealing with the same problems.  Their issues and challenges related to mental […]

Sustainability projects are launching at local levels of government throughout America

Sustainability has been a global goal for over five decades, but today’s conversations about sustainability are more robust than ever. Government leaders everywhere are launching initiatives that preserve systems, structures, safety and the planet. There are so many funding programs for sustainability projects it’s difficult to list them all. A few agencies with large amounts […]

Old lead-infested water pipelines are being replaced at a rapid pace throughout America

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that $3 billion funding is available to replace old water distribution pipelines to ensure safe public drinking water throughout the U.S. Congress allocated the revenue to protect citizens from the harmful effects of lead-infested water on public health. Lead contaminants are all too common when pipelines are old […]

Upcoming projects at America’s ports can be found in every state

American ports are extremely large contributors to the nation’s GDP and critical components of the country’s global competitiveness. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law passed by Congress several years ago was designed to support all types of infrastructure upgrades, and ports were a primary focus. Billions were allocated for port upgrades and expansions, which has spurred massive […]

Multi-Billion Dollar Investments Propel Bridge Repair and Replacement Projects Nationwide

Approximately $14.4 billion is spent yearly to repair, rehabilitate or replace bridges in America. However, that yearly amount has increased and will continue to increase because the backlog of critically needed bridge repairs is estimated to be $125 billion. With about 50,000 bridges with very significant issues awaiting attention, an estimated 40% of them can […]

April has been a big month for airport infrastructure funding. Two separate announcements of new funding awards were made. The first announcement, on April 5, was for $148 million. On April 25, the second announcement allocated another $76 million to support airport projects. In April alone, $224 million was made available for initiatives to construct […]

Federal agencies have announced more than $3 billion in funding opportunities

A notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is an announcement that allows eligible entities to know when there is an opening to submit funding applications. A NOFO not only announces the availability but also provides timelines and guidance for making funding requests. Federal programs are often designed to pass funds through state-level agencies, but not always. […]