Revamping America’s first responder infrastructure – An untapped market for contractors

The National Fire Department Registry lists more than 52,290 registered fire stations in America, which are managed by approximately 1.2 million career, volunteer and civilian personnel. A similar list of state police departments in the U.S. outlines more than 19,000 local police facilities, 11,788 local police departments and 2,889 sheriff’s offices –  this first-responder segment […]

Best not to overlook Public Transit Authorities because upcoming projects are abundant

Last week, the federal All-Stations Accessibility Program announced its third round of funding awards and another $343 million for transit infrastructure projects, and much-needed support will soon flow to upcoming transit projects.  Specifically, the revenue will focus on projects that increase accessibility, but the contracting opportunities will call for much more than just construction. This […]

Universities with medical research, health services have millions to spend on upcoming projects

Medical schools represent billions in spending each year, and the federal government provides financial support throughout the U.S. They conduct incredible research and provide outstanding services to the general public at the institutions. There are currently 156 accredited medical schools in America, and the public and private institutions receive about $4 billion in funding and […]

Millions in Funding is Available for Reservoir and Water Pipeline Projects – but the Deadline to Capture it Ends in 2026

There are significant opportunities on the horizon, with hundreds of millions of dollars in funding still available for reservoir and water pipeline projects. This funding, which must be claimed by 2026, is a testament to the commitment and support for these crucial projects. Conveyance programs have money waiting to support reservoir and pipeline projects, with […]

Looking for particular types of projects? Here’s a way to find them

Officials at all jurisdictional levels of government develop planning documents that outline upcoming initiatives. Additionally, upcoming projects are often listed in budgets, but large initiatives are usually in planning documents of some sort. The most common planning document is called a capital improvement plan (CIP). These documents list projects that officials want to launch along […]

City and County Officials Launch Multi-Million Dollar Economic Development Projects Across the U.S.

Cities and counties throughout the U.S. are launching economic development initiatives that will generate new sources of revenue for government coffers. Projects of all types are currently underway, and many more initiatives designed to boost economic vitality are in the planning stages. Funding support is available from more than a dozen federal programs that offer […]

Billions of dollars available for library construction across the U.S.

There is an area for contracting that presents a prime opportunity for collaborative initiatives, even though it may not be the primary focus for most contracting firms. It’s worth noting due to the abundance of available opportunities. A recent announcement by the American Libraries Association points out that the country’s libraries are in dire need […]