‘Smart City’ projects – watch for them soon in a city near you!

Recognizing that two heads really are better than one, governmental officials nationwide are taking the very old adage to the extreme as they work toward “smart city” status. In what is already a major trend, cities are partnering with private-sector businesses, corporations, educational organizations, civic groups, private individuals and non-government organizations.  The partnerships then work […]

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Government leaders in Opportunity Zones are happy with a new federal program that incentivizes investments

Tax breaks are universally coveted!  And, tax incentives attached to investments in government projects have attracted the attention of investors and developers. Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced eagerly awaited proposed regulations and guidelines for a program that trades tax incentives for investments in projects in underserved communities in the nation’s 8,700 new Opportunity Zones. […]

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What will government do about mailroom safety?

Last week, 14 packages containing pipe bombs were delivered to individuals who were either public officials or connected to government in some way. Another similar package carrying a bomb was intercepted before it reached its target this week. While the devices were detected before they could detonate, and a suspect has been apprehended, the incident […]

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Developers are in high demand!

Visionary developers are being courted aggressively by city leaders throughout the country.  They are also in high demand by other public officials, including university planners, transit authorities, county officials, school administrators and public hospital leaders. There’s a reason for this new popularity – mixed-use development has become one of the hottest new tools for generating […]

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Facial Recognition Scanning Taking off Across US

Recently, a woman carrying an American passport arrived at Washington Dulles International Airport on a flight from Ghana. Facial recognition technology alerted the U.S. Border Patrol that she was not an American citizen but a citizen from Cameroon. It was the third time in the past 40 days that facial recognition scanning technology identified an impostor using another person’s passport.

Funding is now available and the competition has begun

There are many public officials and economic development organizations with critical projects that can’t be launched because of a lack of funding.  Some of them, however, got lucky a few months ago. The fortunate ones are located in newly-designated “Opportunity Zones.”  Investors with project funding are already knocking on some of their doors with millions […]

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