City Leaders Are Renovating or Replacing City Halls Throughout the U.S.

By Mary Scott Nabers Several federal funding programs are currently supporting initiatives aimed at replacing, renovating or preparing public assets for reuse. It is rare to observe such a strong trend in municipal construction across jurisdictions. The trend is most likely driven by the availability of funding, but it could also be due to critical […]

$492 billion in infrastructure funding remains to be allocated… but it all ends in 2026

by Mary Scott Nabers Two years after the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), also called the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), an estimated $492 billion remains in federal funding for American infrastructure projects. However, it is crucial to note that there’s a ticking clock because the remaining funding is allocated solely for use […]

Upcoming transportation projects are outlined in planning documents throughout America

by Mary Scott Nabers Many people complain about toll road fees. The most common comment is, “Why should I have to pay for using a road that was constructed with my tax dollars”? The answer is simple. The fees required to maintain, expand, and construct new roadways throughout the state must come from somewhere and tolled […]

Public Safety and Emergency Services Represent Upcoming Projects with Billions in Projected Costs for 2024 and 2025

by Mary Scott Nabers Cities and counties throughout the U.S. are currently planning to launch new facilities to house fire and police stations. A significant number of these new projects will be designed to consolidate fire and police operations. Others will be designed to consolidate not only police and fire services but all other emergency management […]

Regional competition for tourism, funding has created many collaborative opportunities

by Mary Scott Nabers Several years ago, government officials began investing in large projects designed to increase tourism, attract conventions and events to their region, and monetize existing public assets. Economic vitality in every part of the country is a high priority, and the competition is extremely keen. Now, federal programs are supporting these types of […]

America’s Ports Surge Ahead with $5 Trillion in Funding for Groundbreaking Infrastructure Overhaul

by Mary Scott Nabers America’s coast hosts more than 300 ports, which are vital to the U.S. economy. Annually, the ports contribute more than $5 trillion to the country’s GDP. Although port traffic was disrupted significantly by COVID-19, port traffic is greater now than ever. Before the pandemic, port officials rushed to dredge deeper channels to […]

This Issue Provides Thousands of New Opportunities for Collaboration

by Mary Scott Nabers   America has a waste problem – not only is it expensive, but it is a daunting issue for all. Public waste management operations in many cities cannot absorb population growth, urban expansion, and the overwhelming increase of industrialization. New systems, locations, equipment, and technology are required. Public officials work overtime to […]