Are we going to digitize everything?

Digital platforms are changing every sector of business as well as lifestyles for all Americans. Digitization is also changing almost every aspect of government. Digital data makes it possible for citizens to handle transactions with government in a quick and convenient way. Citizen and taxpayer demands for online, real time access to data and the […]

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Nabers to attend The P3 Higher Education Summit

The P3 Higher Education Summit will focus on critical P3 education, project management, procurement, financing, and networking for owners, industry, education leaders and an elite mix of facility planning, finance, and business officers engaged in public-private partnerships.

Date: September 12, 2018
Time: 2018-09-13
Event: Nabers to attend The P3 Higher Education Summit
Venue: Manchester Grand Hyatt
Location: San Diego, CA
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Congress provides funding to help states secure election systems

Last week, President Trump held a National Security Council Meeting to discuss election security. The meeting covered Russian interference and the overall state of the country’s election systems. Just the fact that this meeting was called is evidence of a problem and the realization that elections security vulnerabilities must be addressed. Earlier this year, Congress […]

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Trump proposes major reorganization of federal agencies

Last week, President Trump unveiled a sweeping plan to reorganize the agency structure of the federal government. Administration officials say that many provisions don’t require congressional approval so some aspects of the plan will be rolled out immediately. The plan presents radical changes. Trump’s reorganization reduces, eliminates, consolidates or transforms agencies that oversee food, prescription […]

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Popular new tool helping public safety agencies respond to emergencies

Surrounded by advancing lava flows from the erupting Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, one terrified but fortunate islander’s life was saved by an improbable rescuer – a drone. The drone was utilized in the emergency response to the disaster and was used to lead the trapped victim to safety. This and other successes resulting from the proliferation […]

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