Technology is Changing the World; Government Cannot Be Left Behind

Feb 2., 2024 | by Mary Scott Nabers There is no argument – everyone agrees technology is changing our world! Technological evolution and innovation trends are rampant. Changes are happening so fast that it’s simply not possible to keep up with everything. However, because taxpayer dollars fund much of what is happening in the government marketplace, […]

Some of the largest infrastructure projects will involve tunnels

Aging tunnels in America, coupled with the country’s continued growth, have created an extremely high demand for attention. The imminent repair and replacement will result in significant growth in the tunnel construction market in North America over the next several years. Thousands of tunnels are in dire need of attention because every state has hundreds, […]

Local Government Officials Will Appreciate This Funding

Jan. 24th 2024 | by Mary Scott Nabers I want to bring to your attention a sector of a federally funded program that I believe is not receiving adequate attention. The program facilitates local projects that public officials wish to launch. The Treasury Department administers the Facilities Grant Program, which is awarding grant funding to support the […]

Want to be more successful in capturing government contracts? Here’s how to get started.

January 19, 2024 After working for the past 25+ years to help companies be successful in selling to government, I get questions daily about what it takes to be successful in the public sector marketplace. This column’s objective is to provide some ‘Best Practices for Success’ because I firmly believe it is in the best […]

The Abundance of Upcoming Surface Transportation Projects Creates High Demand for Experienced Contracting Partners

by Mary Scott Nabers Large funding grants for surface transportation projects are available from the federal government’s Multimodal Project Discretionary Grant Program. This program, actively overseen by the U.S. Department of Transportation, is especially focused on funding projects that hold regional or national significance. Applications that were approved in 2023 will provide between $5.45 to $5.58 […]

Hundreds of Bridge Repair and Replacement Projects Will Launch Soon

It is shocking to realize that more than 42% of America’s 617,000 bridges are more than half a century old, and one-third of them are in dire need of repair or replacement. Even more sobering is the fact that 46,000 U.S. bridges are considered structurally deficient or in poor condition, given that 178 million trips […]

Funding Is Flowing for Upgrades to America’s Healthcare Infrastructure

by Mary Scott Nabers In the United States, there are over 6,000 hospitals, approximately one million hospital beds and thousands of small clinics. The physical infrastructure for healthcare infrastructure includes buildings, research labs, costly mechanical systems, leading-edge technology and medical equipment of all types. America’s hospital infrastructure is designed and expected to function under a daunting […]