Weather-related disasters result in new funding for mitigation projects

New York City declared a state of emergency recently because of damage from the extraordinary flash floods, which destroyed streets, devastated property and completely upended mobility. Delivering over seven inches of rain in one day, it was one of the most impactful weather events ever experienced by the city. Data released this week by the […]

Here’s a transformative trend in America that must not be overlooked

by Mary Scott Nabers Construction activity on university campuses in America is more than noteworthy. In fact, it is being categorized as transformative! Due to a massive increase in students after COVID-19, a construction trend is sweeping college and university campuses in response to the high demand for more housing. Currently, America’s 175 largest universities offer […]

Funding to ‘connect communities’ results in hundreds of new projects

by Mary Scott Nabers A federal program that allocates funding for initiatives that ‘connect communities’ is responsible for hundreds of new projects in America. Because of its unique success, the program is also credited as the impetus for hundreds of similar projects that now receive funding from other sources. The U.S. Department of Transportation oversees the […]

New funding announced for upcoming infrastructure projects

by Mary Scott Nabers The federal government just allocated $1.4 billion from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act to support rail infrastructure projects nationwide. Seventy projects in 35 states and Washington, D.C., are recipients of the funding. This year’s allocation is the largest that has ever been dispensed partly because of disruptions in the supply chain caused by […]

Benefits from recreational projects are responsible for the launch of hundreds of new construction initiatives

Public recreational initiatives are creating an abundance of government contracting opportunities throughout America as local governments build parks, aquatic centers, urban socializing spaces, walking trails, sports facilities and event centers. These initiatives facilitate activities enjoyed by citizens and result in new tax revenue, economic stimulus, higher property values and job creation. Then… there is the […]

Funding for infrastructure projects continues to expand

TIPs and STIPs are acronyms for transportation improvement programs at the local and state levels of government. The formal names are ‘Transportation Improvement Program’ and ‘Statewide Transportation Improvement Program.’ They both fund transportation projects and allow for the coordination of federal, state, and local funding. TIPs are locally approved plans which have been developed by local authorities. STIPs […]

Green Infrastructure funding represents upcoming projects currently in design phases throughout the U.S.

Green Infrastructure ꟷ a phrase that has become quite common, is generating lots of discussion. Perhaps that’s because of the significant amount of funding now available for projects that fall into this category. These types of projects promote environmentally friendly solutions to current problems, and the funding supports rain gardens, stormwater parks, permeable pavement, subsurface […]