New rule to speed federal regulatory processes could ramp up interest in transportation P3s

A federal Infrastructure Plan still languishes a year and a half after it was touted as coming very soon” by the Trump administration. However, one key segment of the plan got a boost this week from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). A final rule was issued that agency officials say offers “new, experimental procedures” designed to encourage greater use of public-private partnerships (P3s) and incentivize private investment in public transportation projects.

More Private Partners Likely For Municipal Water Infrastructure Projects

The doors of opportunity are opening for private investors in the municipal water market in the U.S. With the country facing a water infrastructure funding gap of $532 billion over the next 10 years, private-sector investments and public-private partnerships (P3s/PPPs) are expected to play a growing role in ownership, management, and operation of municipal water and wastewater system projects.

Let’s ask Congress to respect the importance of our airports!

As the fight over funding rages on in Washington, Congress is suggesting new ways to scoop up revenue that could have a very negative impact on America’s airports. A Senate proposal to nearly double the passage facility charge, which is known as the airport tax, has executives of six airlines urging Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao […]

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Sports Facilities Offer An Abundance Of New Construction Opportunities

With the 52nd Super Bowl still fresh in the mind, now is a good time to review the dozens of other cities throughout the country that are in various stages of planning for new sports facilities/stadium construction. The past year resembled a rollercoaster when it came to planning for new stadiums. Sports construction spending in 2018 is expected to total $4.1 billion and will reach nearly $6 billion by 2019. There are 75 stadium projects in the U.S. that are either currently active or scheduled to begin soon.