America’s ports – critical components of America’s economic prosperity

Looking for engineering and construction opportunities?  Look no further than ports! Investment in America’s ports is accelerating significantly and port spending will increase again in 2019. Because of the neo-Panamax megaships, ports throughout the country are expanding shipping channels and harbors.  They are also expanding rail lines and constructing new facilities or significantly expanding older […]

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Nabers for InfraUSA: Interested in new contracting opportunities totaling almost $49 billion? Check it out …right here!

Tax breaks are universally coveted!  And, tax incentives attached to investments in government projects have attracted the attention of investors and developers. 

Last week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced eagerly awaited proposed regulations and guidelines for a program that trades tax incentives for investments in projects in underserved communities in the nation’s 8,700 new Opportunity Zones.

Interested in new contracting opportunities totaling almost $49 billion? Check it out …right here!

Political candidates weren’t the only ones vying for the attention of voters this week. More than 508 bond issues totaling approximately $48.8 billion were decided in elections throughout the country. The bond issues that passed will result in millions of dollars being spent on projects such as new school construction, water and wastewater upgrades, affordable housing, […]

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Critically needed funding for water projects is ever so near!!!

An infusion of $6 billion in federal funding for critical water infrastructure projects appears to be on the way to some very happy state and local officials. What a great gift! Congress last week passed America’s Water Infrastructure Act (S.3021), which will result in federal funding for projects related to safer drinking water and sewer […]

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Small airports have big impact on local, regional economies throughout U.S.

Some tend to overlook a significant economic driver for many less-populated areas of the country – regional general aviation airports. While these airports are small compared to those found in major cities, their economic impact is extremely significant. In fact, the general aviation industry generates $219 billion in total economic input and contributes $109 billion […]

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Government leaders are beginning to turn to collaborative joint ventures for water projects

Water utilities in the United States were once operated almost completely by private companies. That began to change when Boston, New York, Los Angeles and other large cities expanded in the late 19th century.  Water utilities failed to manage the increased demand and government leaders stepped up to assume responsibility for adequate water resources. That’s been […]

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America’s Ports: another infrastructure marketplace that is more than robust

Strange as it might seem, the threat of administration-imposed tariffs has not slowed investment in America’s ports. The extremely large megaships are coming through the Suez Canal headed to America and U.S. ports will be ready. Most are already engaged in making upgrades, performing maintenance, expanding to facilitate the larger ships and constructing new storage facilities. Many have already deepened shipping channels, built new locks and invested in larger cranes and other facilities. This is all happening because the new and larger neo-Panamax ships can transport 10,000 or more containers.