No question about the need for water…but where is the funding?

Returning from a July 4 break, members of Congress found themselves facing a number of high-priority issues with no quick resolutions. With an omnibus funding bill still in limbo, lawmakers are now trying to pass individual funding bills. The consensus in Washington is that when these bills are rolled out, water legislation, Farm Bill funding […]

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More Private Partners Likely For Municipal Water Infrastructure Projects

The doors of opportunity are opening for private investors in the municipal water market in the U.S. With the country facing a water infrastructure funding gap of $532 billion over the next 10 years, private-sector investments and public-private partnerships (P3s/PPPs) are expected to play a growing role in ownership, management, and operation of municipal water and wastewater system projects.

New hope for water infrastructure funding

America has very frightening water problems. The country’s resources are inadequate in many states. Water quality is so poor in some areas that citizens are in danger. Another Flint, Michigan, could occur at any time. Water pipelines passed their anticipated life expectancy decades ago in about 80 percent of the country. If ever we should […]

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How much do we care about water resources and water safety?

Now that the Trump infrastructure plan has been released, the question is, “Will it hold water?” That’s a question of high interest to people who deal with water issues on a daily basis.  City, county and state officials who need financial assistance for projects related to water resources and water systems had hoped for some […]

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Congress will decide funding for state and local water projects

Here’s something important to watch!  Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are considering a bipartisan bill to increase the funding available for water infrastructure projects in the future. They are monitoring debate on the reauthorization of the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA). The bill under consideration would double the program’s authorized funding […]

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