An immediate need exists for contractors interested in alternative health care facilities

An immediate need exists for contractors interested in alternative health care facilities Public officials in every major city in America are dealing with responsibilities related to mental health issues of a portion of its citizens.  County leaders in heavily populated regions are also dealing with the same problems.  Their issues and challenges related to mental […]

Sustainability projects are launching at local levels of government throughout America

Sustainability has been a global goal for over five decades, but today’s conversations about sustainability are more robust than ever. Government leaders everywhere are launching initiatives that preserve systems, structures, safety and the planet. There are so many funding programs for sustainability projects it’s difficult to list them all. A few agencies with large amounts […]

Massive $1 billion in funding now available for remediation projects

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced more than $1 billion in funding for 110 Superfund projects. The upcoming project sites are scattered throughout the country. All locations are contaminated by industrial waste, and remediation is critically needed. Usually, the agency orders the responsible party to remediate the site, but when no party can […]

Federal earmarks will fund local projects throughout America

Most people have heard about earmarks, but only a few citizens really pay attention to them. That should not be the case. The term earmark refers to federal spending for a specific project for a particular congressional district, locality or state. Members of Congress request this type of funding. In the most recent federal budget, […]

‘Connecting Communities’ funding is available… but public officials should not wait to seek it

Last week, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced $3.33 billion in grant funding for 132 projects. The revenue will flow from the Reconnecting Communities Pilot Program and the Neighborhood Access and Equity Program. This funding is allocated for projects that reconnect communities that were cut off and/or divided by transportation infrastructure decades ago. It is […]

Private sector partners for installations of EV charging station infrastructure are in high demand

A federal program with a long name is in the process of allocating $5 billion to states for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI), administered by the Federal Highway Administration, is creating hundreds of contracting opportunities. The funding comes from the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed […]

Billions in savings possible with preemptive seismic upgrades to U.S. infrastructure

Damage repairs from earthquakes in the U.S. typically cost taxpayers approximately $15 billion a year. Considering that, funding to stabilize or prevent as much damage as possible is a good and prudent effort. According to FEMA and a recent geological survey, the cost of post-earthquake repair can be as much as three times higher than […]