Grant Funding for Transportation Infrastructure Projects – Now Flowing to Cities and States

Opportunities for infrastructure and transportation grants don’t come along every day, so when they do, it’s important to be ready to take advantage of them. These grant applications can be lengthy and time consuming. GrantWriterTeam can help you find an experienced grant writer with a proven track record of success. Click this link to Request a Grant Writer.

Government Leaders Are Beginning To Turn To Collaborative Joint Ventures For Water Projects

Water utilities in the United States were once operated almost completely by private companies. That began to change when Boston, New York, Los Angeles and other large cities expanded in the late 19th century. Water utilities failed to manage the increased demand and government leaders stepped up to assume responsibility for adequate water resources. That’s been the case for decades, but now water problems are critical again. Most water experts believe another change is imminent.

Transportation infrastructure is bearing much of the brunt of the government shutdown

The longest government shutdown in history continues and the impact has spread far beyond government workers and their families. It is difficult to find any business, school, hospital, city, county, college, university or local government organization that is not suffering as a result of the shutdown. The negative impact on retail establishments of all types, farmers, contractors, social service organizations and citizen workers has been great as well. It strikes at the heart of the country’s economic stability and it is devastating for issues related to the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

Government shutdown has halted federal funding for critical rebuilding needs throughout the country

Citizens and public officials continue to wait…and wait…and wait! It has been almost 18 months since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma devastated the U.S. Gulf Coast. It’s been almost a year since Congress earmarked $16 billion in federal funding for rebuilding and resiliency efforts.  Yet, states impacted by the disasters have yet to see the $16 […]

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What to Expect in 2019

Looking back, 2018 brought both turmoil and innovation to government contracting. A string of cyber-attacks, such as the ransomware attack on Atlanta, left public officials focused on increasing cybersecurity. Hurricane Florence in North Carolina and fires in California brought resilience and climate change to the forefront of many agendas. Start-up and disruptive new offerings radicalized the transportation market as motorized scooters and autonomous vehicles forced transportation planners to re-think options. 2018 was a year of change.