Local Government Officials Will Appreciate This Funding

Jan. 24th 2024 | by Mary Scott Nabers I want to bring to your attention a sector of a federally funded program that I believe is not receiving adequate attention. The program facilitates local projects that public officials wish to launch. The Treasury Department administers the Facilities Grant Program, which is awarding grant funding to support the […]

Water concerns are triggering new projects of every type

There are multiple topics of high concern for Americans today but one that is receiving less media attention is related to the country’s water resources. Regions of high growth are vying for the same diminishing water supplies, and, at the same time, the country’s drought is sapping water in every pond, lake, river, and reservoir. […]

Microgrids are being launched rapidly throughout the country

Microgrids are designed to harness renewable energy and make it available for all kinds of reasons. Often microgrids are used when disasters cause larger utility grids to falter or shut down completely. They also are used as backup power for hospital systems, school campuses, and other governmental entities. Microgrids are a critical component of the […]

Another large trend delivers contracting opportunities galore – the upgrading of America’s health-care infrastructure

Throughout the country, health-care facilities are receiving an abundance of attention, and large construction, renovation, and expansion projects are being announced weekly. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission is partnering with The University of Texas Southwestern Dallas to oversee development of a new state hospital in North Texas. When completed, the new facility will […]

Mobility hub projects are abundant; each requires diverse types of contracting partners

Public officials in Austin hope that the ongoing multi-billion-dollar transit authority project there will reduce automobile traffic by 50 percent when completed. Whether that goal is reachable or not is undetermined, but the project is indicative of a shift in public transit throughout the country. Mobility hub projects that connect citizens and neighborhoods to a […]

Surveillance systems in high demand as public safety concerns grow

Cameras, video monitoring systems, and interoperability platforms are receiving more attention than ever because of public safety concerns. The immediate scramble to install more cameras and enhance video surveillance systems has never been greater. Billions will be spent on safety infrastructure over the next several months, and soon camera and video surveillance will have a […]

Available funding for airport modernization projects exceeds $1T

America’s airports are some of the country’s most powerful economic engines. They contribute more than $14 trillion in economic activity annually and support approximately 11.5 million jobs. Congress, after years of underfunding airport infrastructure projects, recently allocated billions of dollars for upgrades and modernization initiatives. State legislators approved millions more for airport projects, and numerous […]