Transportation and technology – so interlinked it’s almost impossible to plan for tomorrow

As local government leaders finalize fiscal year budgets, many are even more focused on long-range transportation planning. That’s because transportation planning is much harder than planning next year’s budget. How do government officials plan for transportation costs considering the fact that the technology that will be required in three, five or 10 years is still […]

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Vote for “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alternative Data” for #SXSW2019

Every day, humankind generates 2.5 million trillion bytes of data. When properly leveraged, it could help power the next wave of tech entrepreneurs and investors. Please vote for the S & P Global panel “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Alternative Data” for #SXSW2019

Community Benefit Agreements – coming soon to a city near you!

Problems facing municipal governments continue to compound. Constrained budgets make it almost impossible to address many critical community needs.  Additionally, city leaders are faced with a paradox – how to develop a rundown area without pushing out the residents who have lived in the area for many years. Gentrification is sweeping through major cities creating […]

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Blockchain Is Here!

smart and resilient citiesMany intelligent people still blink with confusion when someone mentions blockchain technology.  That won’t be the case for long though, because it appears this new technology has reached the “tipping point.”  Its upward trajectory indicates universal acceptance. Because of that, it’s now incumbent on all of us to understand more about blockchain.  It promises to be a very significant part of our future.

U.S. cities – the hot new technology marketplace

There’s a huge new marketplace emerging and it’s definitely worthy of watching.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming on strong…so strong, in fact, that the IoT marketplace is expected to exceed $130 billion by 2024. Here’s what the experts say to expect – by 2020 – IoT service offerings related to discrete manufacturing, transportation […]

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