Public Safety and Emergency Services Represent Upcoming Projects with Billions in Projected Costs for 2024 and 2025

by Mary Scott Nabers Cities and counties throughout the U.S. are currently planning to launch new facilities to house fire and police stations. A significant number of these new projects will be designed to consolidate fire and police operations. Others will be designed to consolidate not only police and fire services but all other emergency management […]

Transit Authorities to Launch Major New Initiatives in Coming Years

Public TransitAs the Biden administration begins to address climate change, transit authorities throughout the country will benefit from funding.

Clean air is a major component of sustainability, so increased funding will flow to public transit authorities in an effort to reduce the number of automobiles on roadways. Major initiatives at the local levels of government will provide hundreds of contracting opportunities as public officials attempt to make public transportation more convenient, economical, and attractive.

ESG – A Trend Destined to Impact Government Contracting

ESG TrendsIndustry leaders, investors, regulators, rating agencies, and governmental entities are all watching a strong trend that will likely become a competitive factor in government contracting in the future. The significance of the trend’s impact cannot yet be calculated, but it could be substantial.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has been a topic of discussion at the corporate level of many large firms for a number of years. Investment groups also are discussing the various components of ESG, and many are seeking investment opportunities for projects that have high ESG metrics. Although no standardized way exists to measure ESG, companies that can point to initiatives and/or policies related to ESG often tout this in annual reports. Morningstar, Bloomberg, and MSCI use their own metrics to report on ESG ratings.

Feasibility studies are early indicators of upcoming government projects

Born 2 InvestThe New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is conducting an engineering and environmental study related to roadway improvements on a 38-mile section of US 180 between the communities of Bayard and Deming. This study has been underway for several months, and recommendations are expected early in 2021. The study is exploring various options for roadway improvement.

Zoom in on upcoming camera contracts

Zoom SecurityPlanned technology purchases point to an abundance of identity tracking cameras in 2021. Surveillance cameras, tracking devices, monitoring, recording, and capturing data – that’s the future. The purchase of camera tracking technology is a very large and strong trend.

Funding from a multitude of sources will boost campus construction in 2019

Growth and change are descriptors common to colleges and universities throughout the country. That’s where the focus is…but managing the two is almost impossible without an abundance of human effort and financial investment. It would be hard to find individuals anywhere who disagree with the importance of higher education, but public funding has not kept […]

Demand for public safety technology has created one of the country’s hottest marketplaces

People in law enforcement have been under siege throughout the country for the past several years. Criticism comes from citizens who aren’t satisfied with the norm and want more protection. Angst, anger and fear are also evident from citizens who believe law enforcement officers are often bigoted and/or overly violent or impulsive. Frustrated public officials […]