Got public safety technology? If so, buyers are waiting!

This will surprise many. A recent report estimates that spending on law enforcement technology in the United States will likely reach $7.6 billion this year and that number will climb exponentially in the next few years. Law enforcement technology includes such things as body armor, cameras, drones, vehicles, biometric software, upgrades to Next Generation emergency […]

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Big changes are coming … better understand IoT!

This summer, the city of Columbus, Ohio, took home the top prize in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge – up to $40 million in grant funding. The federal government’s objective was to encourage cities throughout the U.S. to actively plan and implement improvements to mobility, safety and sustainability through the use of advanced […]

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Initiative to enhance city programs highlight of 2015

As a new year dawns, it’s interesting to reflect on what happened in the year just ending. A number of extremely positive changes occurred in U.S. cities. Bloomberg Philanthropies, a foundation created by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, initiated significant change through the formation of a “What Works Cities” program. Funding of $42 […]

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San Antonio Business Journal: Ports offer a marketplace for new business opportunities

SABJ LogoInland ports are an often overlooked source of contracting opportunities. Mary Scott Nabers discusses the latest growth trends in the container shipping and logistics market in the October 2, 2015 edition of the San Antonio Business Journal.

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Transportation-related costs will increase – it is inevitable

Texans may be somewhat calmed by the knowledge that transportation infrastructure problems are nationwide. No state is exempt. Citizens won’t, however, be happy to know that transportation-related costs are destined to increase in Texas and in every other state in the near future. The nation’s transportation infrastructure needs have become too critical to ignore any […]

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New option for government: paying for performance

At a time when budgets are stretched thin, funding for social programs is available to local governmental entities through a new and innovative program. The new funding comes from a Social Innovation Fund and monetary awards are based on successful accomplishment of pre-determined social outcomes. According to a report from the Social Innovation Research Center, […]

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