Now is the time for voters to let Congress know their feelings about infrastructure and jobs in America

He may be the President-elect, but by trade, Donald Trump is a billionaire businessman and developer. Most believe it was his business acumen that resulted in his successful campaign for the presidency. And while some of his campaign promises were a little unconventional – a wall between the U.S. and Mexico strong enough to stop […]

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Passage of bond packages in Texas will provide almost $5B in upcoming contracting opportunities

Millions of voters went to the polls last week. After voting for state and national leaders, Texans cast affirmative votes for almost $5B in bond packages. Voters approved more than $4.8 billion in local bond elections – creating immediate contracting opportunities worth millions of dollars for companies of every size and type throughout the state. […]

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Minnesota Senate bonding bill would support $1.5B in capital spending

Minnesota State Capitol

A  bonding showdown is looming in the Minnesota Legislature, and up to $1.5 billion in capital investments is at stake. Gov. Mark Dayton earlier this year laid out his proposed $1.4 billion public works construction plan that will likely play a major role in bonding discussion and negotiations. His proposal is mostly centered on education, […]

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Federal government contractors could be required to make political contribution disclosures

Image of dollar bills in reference to political contributions

An attempt to stem the use of “dark money” – in this case, political contributions by companies that contract with the federal government to independent groups that seek to influence political races – is back on the hot topics list for the White House. Administration officials say the executive order by President Barack Obama addressing […]

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Transportation-related costs will increase – it is inevitable

Texans may be somewhat calmed by the knowledge that transportation infrastructure problems are nationwide. No state is exempt. Citizens won’t, however, be happy to know that transportation-related costs are destined to increase in Texas and in every other state in the near future. The nation’s transportation infrastructure needs have become too critical to ignore any […]

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