Trump proposes major reorganization of federal agencies

Last week, President Trump unveiled a sweeping plan to reorganize the agency structure of the federal government. Administration officials say that many provisions don’t require congressional approval so some aspects of the plan will be rolled out immediately. The plan presents radical changes. Trump’s reorganization reduces, eliminates, consolidates or transforms agencies that oversee food, prescription […]

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Signed MOU paves way for shorter approval times for environmental reviews and public project permits

Last week, the department heads signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the implementation of an executive order to speed up the regulatory processes. The event was seen as a momentous win for public officials who have often waited decades for environmental reviews to be completed. Yet before the cheering ended, the Natural Resources Defense Council cautioned against fast-tracking environmental reviews. The organization called the move an ideological attack on environmental safeguards. Their objections will likely slow the process of change.

Something good may be about to happen

President Trump has promised to shorten the time it takes for federal agencies to approve environmental reviews and issue permits for large public projects. Many have scoffed at the Administration’s claims.  But maybe – just maybe – change is in the wind. Last week, department heads signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the implementation […]

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Let’s ask Congress to respect the importance of our airports!

As the fight over funding rages on in Washington, Congress is suggesting new ways to scoop up revenue that could have a very negative impact on America’s airports. A Senate proposal to nearly double the passage facility charge, which is known as the airport tax, has executives of six airlines urging Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao […]

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Solar Energy Industry Sector Gets Slammed

Projections of a possible record year for electric power production from renewable energy sources have been tempered significantly by actions of the Trump administration. The announcement that the U.S. government would impose a 30 percent tariff on imported solar equipment such as photovoltaic cells and modules created shudders throughout the industry. And the shockwaves were hardest felt by the very segment of the industry that in 2017 pushed renewables toward a new record for 2018 – solar energy.