Major Water Infrastructure Projects Available Throughout The U.S.

Water OnlineBillions of dollars are spent each year to renew, replace, expand, or upgrade water systems. The need to do more, and spend more, increases each year. That’s because the country’s aging water infrastructure has been neglected for too long.

Ports rebounding from pandemic offer large contracts

Born 2 InvestThe Port of Galveston has announced a bulkhead replacement and mooring upgrade project which has an estimated cost of $17.3 million. In 2023, a slip-fill project has a projected cost of $16.1 million. Another project at Pelican Island in 2023 has a cost estimate of $21.2 million, and an auto processing berth project has a price tag of $30 million.

Ports Rebounding From Pandemic Plan Major Infrastructure Investments

marexlogo2018Ports throughout the country have seen a surge in imports over the last several years, and many of them – undaunted by the pandemic – are launching projects that require private-sector partners. These upcoming contracting opportunities show the possibilities for infrastructure construction companies.

Feasibility studies are early indicators of upcoming government projects

Born 2 InvestThe New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is conducting an engineering and environmental study related to roadway improvements on a 38-mile section of US 180 between the communities of Bayard and Deming. This study has been underway for several months, and recommendations are expected early in 2021. The study is exploring various options for roadway improvement.

Zoom in on upcoming camera contracts

Zoom SecurityPlanned technology purchases point to an abundance of identity tracking cameras in 2021. Surveillance cameras, tracking devices, monitoring, recording, and capturing data – that’s the future. The purchase of camera tracking technology is a very large and strong trend.

Visionary Infrastructure Initiatives in 2020

American Infrastructure

While waiting on Congress to create a national infrastructure bill, several cities have begun significant infrastructure initiatives this year. I rarely make predictions about anything. That’s because so few things are certain. However, I’m very comfortable making one. Congress will pass an infrastructure bill in the near future. When COVID-19 is finally controlled, Congress will aggressively focus on stimulating the economy and creating jobs, and nothing will result in quicker economic stimulus and job creation than infrastructure reform. Promises made must be kept – and there is bipartisan support in Congress.

Brownfields offer contracting opportunities to remediate properties

Developers, engineers, and contractors who are interested in municipal projects should consider monitoring grant funding that is currently being awarded to communities for brownfield projects. A large percentage of the most recent grant funding is being awarded for remediation of property that is being prepared for rather large community development projects. As of February 2020, […]