U.S. airports – now responding aggressively to both domestic and foreign competition

Almost every airport in the country will likely be expanded or upgraded over the next 24 months. Not a single airport in the U.S. is listed in the top 20 airports worldwide anymore. Because of aging infrastructure, the lack of leading edge technology, transit options and minimal passenger comforts, the country’s airports are in dire […]

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It’s inevitable: Driverless vehicle is the future

Eager to ride in a computer-controlled vehicle? Worried about driverless cars approaching you on city streets? Better not worry about either scenario because, no matter how you feel about autonomous vehicles (AVs), that is the future. Driverless vehicles have attracted the attention of city leaders nationwide and big changes are occurring. The Smart Transportation Market will, in the not-too-distant future, exceed $7 trillion and companies are rushing in aggressively to capture a slice of this lucrative marketplace.

Public transit – still a huge component of America’s transportation infrastructure

When it comes to public transportation, the United States lags far behind other countries. Governments in Europe, Asia and Canada invest heavily in public transportation because it is viewed as an essential public good. The U.S. government, however, views public transit a little differently and funding has been inadequate for decades.  As a result, America’s […]

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Get ready for it – augmented reality is coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

If there’s one thing that government has a lock on, it’s data! The information that government is required to collect, protect and preserve is massive and diverse.  It covers almost everything – student school records from kindergarten through college, every imaginable type of crime statistic, licensing and permitting records, medical records, social program participation, purchasing […]

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Transportation and technology – so interlinked it’s almost impossible to plan for tomorrow

As local government leaders finalize fiscal year budgets, many are even more focused on long-range transportation planning. That’s because transportation planning is much harder than planning next year’s budget. How do government officials plan for transportation costs considering the fact that the technology that will be required in three, five or 10 years is still […]

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New transportation solution? Cities seem to think so!!

Look! Up in the sky… It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s – a gondola??? Facing the dilemma of monstrous traffic congestion and horrific cost projections for expansion and maintenance of roadways, some municipal officials are looking to the skies for relief.  City leaders throughout the U.S. are giving serious consideration to the possibility of […]

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