Transportation infrastructure is bearing much of the brunt of the government shutdown

The longest government shutdown in history continues and the impact has spread far beyond government workers and their families.  It is difficult to find any business, school, hospital, city, county, college, university or local government organization that is not suffering as a result of the shutdown.  The negative impact on retail establishments of all types, […]

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Better get ready to ride in a driverless vehicle in 2019

2018 was supposed to be a banner year for self-driving cars – or autonomous vehicles.  It didn’t happen! After pedestrian deaths in March, both Uber and Tesla scaled back significantly on initiatives that were on a fast track. The future for self-driving vehicles looked even bleaker after 50 percent of 25,000 consumers surveyed globally said […]

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A 2019 trend worthy of watching

While thousands of road projects languish for lack of funding, 2019 promises to be a banner year for new transit projects. Big changes are coming, funding is available and contracting opportunities will be abundant. Successful bond issues, federal grant programs and keen interest from private-sector investors are contributing to the increased availability of funding.  That’s […]

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Funding for transportation infrastructure projects – now flowing to cities and states

There’s new funding – $1.5 billion – now available to fund critical transportation projects.  Government officials are moving quickly to finalize plans and contracting solicitations should be rolled out soon.  More than 90 road, rail, transit and port projects planned in rural and urban areas of the United States will benefit from the new grant […]

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U.S. airports – now responding aggressively to both domestic and foreign competition

Almost every airport in the country will likely be expanded or upgraded over the next 24 months. Not a single airport in the U.S. is listed in the top 20 airports worldwide anymore. Because of aging infrastructure, the lack of leading edge technology, transit options and minimal passenger comforts, the country’s airports are in dire […]

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It’s inevitable: Driverless vehicle is the future

Eager to ride in a computer-controlled vehicle? Worried about driverless cars approaching you on city streets? Better not worry about either scenario because, no matter how you feel about autonomous vehicles (AVs), that is the future. Driverless vehicles have attracted the attention of city leaders nationwide and big changes are occurring. The Smart Transportation Market will, in the not-too-distant future, exceed $7 trillion and companies are rushing in aggressively to capture a slice of this lucrative marketplace.