Ready for autonomous cars? If not, get ready quickly!!

Ready or not, self-driving cars are on our streets.  New and disruptive automotive technology is destined to change lives, laws, industries and major sectors of our economy. But first…self-driven cars must be tested and that’s the stage we are experiencing now. Concerns over the safety of autonomous vehicles increased in January when an Uber test […]

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Seeking change and compromise in the midst of chaos, critical needs and political unrest

Eighty-three bridges in 16 counties in Mississippi were ordered closed last week. The governor said the bridges were “unsafe for the traveling public” and that keeping them open would constitute “an unnecessary risk to public safety.” That’s shocking…but, not nearly as shocking as the fact that state legislators allowed the legislative session to end without […]

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Second City’s Airport Will No Longer Be Second-Rate

The signs of O’Hare’s decline were apparent, says Mary Scott Nabers, president and CEO of Strategic Partnerships, a consulting firm.

“Once one of the nation’s busiest airports, O’Hare  has recently dropped to number three in airport rankings. While O’Hare is still the third largest U.S. airport with approximately 78 million passengers a year, it is no longer considered one of the best.”

Let’s ask Congress to respect the importance of our airports!

As the fight over funding rages on in Washington, Congress is suggesting new ways to scoop up revenue that could have a very negative impact on America’s airports. A Senate proposal to nearly double the passage facility charge, which is known as the airport tax, has executives of six airlines urging Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao […]

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