Water — A Critical Component Of Sustainability For Municipalities

For several days after floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey inundated the City of Beaumont, TX, the city’s 120,000 residents lost water service when several main water intake pumps fell victim to the flood. Beaumont and other cities in the path of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, from Texas to Florida to the Carolinas, are experiencing similar fates with sewage treatment plants, flood control systems, and other water-related facilities. When the water recedes and damages are assessed, water facilities that were already strained (many more than 50 years old) will require replacement or extensive repairs.

Contracting opportunities more abundant now at the local levels of government…a trend to watch!

At a time when there is scant funding for roads, bridges, water treatment plants, broadband expansion and airport expansions, there seems to be ample funding for urban renewal in most of the country’s major cities. The reason is understandable…infrastructure projects are large and have usually been funded by the state or federal government. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case – funding at the state and federal levels of government is no longer adequate or readily available.

Congressional leaders begin to address infrastructure with a plan of their own

  Delays in the rollout of the Trump administration’s much-heralded $1 trillion infrastructure plan are proving costly for deteriorating U.S. roads, bridges, airports and transit systems. And the longer the delay, the more it will cost taxpayers. Tired of delays on a long-awaited new plan, some members of Congress are busy putting together a “Plan […]

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Basics of Trump’s Infrastructure Plan May be Released Soon

There is a possibility that, by the end of this month,  President Donald Trump will release the guiding “principles” of his eagerly awaited $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao outlined some of the priorities in the plan for “restoring, rebuilding, refurbishing and repairing” the nation’s rapidly deteriorating transportation infrastructure. Chao testified before a […]

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