Contracting opportunities more abundant now at the local levels of government…a trend to watch!

At a time when there is scant funding for roads, bridges, water treatment plants, broadband expansion and airport expansions, there seems to be ample funding for urban renewal in most of the country’s major cities. The reason is understandable…infrastructure projects are large and have usually been funded by the state or federal government. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case – funding at the state and federal levels of government is no longer adequate or readily available.

How prepared are we for fully autonomous vehicles?

From Boston to Austin, autonomous vehicles are being tested on city streets. It’s so common that the driverless cars are no longer head-turners. Some estimates are that 10 million self-driving cars will be on the road by 2020. However, the introduction of new multi-passenger self-driving shuttles is still turning heads. These vehicles are grabbing the attention of public-sector officials in dire need of people-moving options.

Congressional leaders begin to address infrastructure with a plan of their own

Delays in the rollout of the Trump administration’s much-heralded $1 trillion infrastructure plan are proving costly for deteriorating U.S. roads, bridges, airports and transit systems. And the longer the delay, the more it will cost taxpayers. Tired of delays on a long-awaited new plan, some members of Congress are busy putting together a “Plan B.”