Transit authorities to launch major new initiatives in coming years

MassTransitContractors should pay attention to sustainability and expansion initiatives coming down the line to position themselves to take advantage of opportunities. As the Biden Administration begins to address climate change, transit authorities throughout the country will benefit from funding.

Clean air is a major component of sustainability, so increased funding will flow to public transit authorities in an effort to reduce the number of automobiles on roadways. Major initiatives at the local levels of government will provide hundreds of contracting opportunities as public officials attempt to make public transportation more convenient, economical and attractive.

New transportation funding trends are worthy of note

Supply Chain Quarterly, Agile Business MediaTransportation leaders have hoped for years that Congress would pass an infrastructure bill, but chances for billion-dollar infusions of cash don’t seem likely. Now, there are pilot programs and studies on ways to generate revenue, and there’s evidence of a major trend that’s developing.

Transportation infrastructure will be a high priority throughout the country in 2021. Many large projects have already been announced, and others are anticipated. However, there are significant indications that a major change is emerging in how transportation-related projects will be funded in the future.

Ports rebounding from pandemic offer large contracts

Born 2 InvestThe Port of Galveston has announced a bulkhead replacement and mooring upgrade project which has an estimated cost of $17.3 million. In 2023, a slip-fill project has a projected cost of $16.1 million. Another project at Pelican Island in 2023 has a cost estimate of $21.2 million, and an auto processing berth project has a price tag of $30 million.

Feasibility studies are early indicators of upcoming government projects

Born 2 InvestThe New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is conducting an engineering and environmental study related to roadway improvements on a 38-mile section of US 180 between the communities of Bayard and Deming. This study has been underway for several months, and recommendations are expected early in 2021. The study is exploring various options for roadway improvement.