$122 billion school funding ignites public-private construction boom

Congress appropriated an extremely large amount of funding for school projects, and the final round allocations totaled $122 billion. That’s a huge amount – about $380 per person in the U.S. This revenue came through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief program and was delivered with a mandated deadline: It must be obligated by […]

Numerous infrastructure projects expected in early 2021

American InfrastructureAs public officials begin to look at 2021, many are preparing to launch large infrastructure projects. Several of these efforts may be delivered through public-private partnerships (P3s). Most infrastructure-related projects are complex, diverse, critical in nature, and costly. Here are a few worthy of note.

COVID-hit universities press forward with capital projects

Born 2 InvestMontgomery College has allocated $85.7 million for the design and construction of a new student services center. Wayne State University has announced plans to renovate a former library for the support and expansion of STEM education. Officials at the Central Oregon Community College Redmond Campus plan to spend $16 million to add more classrooms and additional computer/lab space.

Looking for visionary leaders? Look to college and university campuses – that’s where you’ll find many of them!!

Officials of the University of California, Merced (UCM) last week celebrated the first visible signs of a unique and successful $1.3 billion public-private partnership (P3) initiative that truly sets the bar for P3s in higher education. An on-campus event marked the opening of a trio of the 13 new campus buildings that will be completed […]

Shootings are now responsible for more fatalities than all war deaths since the founding of America

Over the past week, the U.S. experienced three school shootings. National attention has again been painfully drawn to protecting the country’s school campuses, workplaces and churches. The #1 question is what to do. How can officials prevent and contain active shooters? The tragedies have been horrific and the grief is unbearable. Something must be done! […]

School safety – now the nation’s focus!

This is shocking …and most people are not aware of these alarming statistics: The U.S. averages 1.5 school shootings every week; and Since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, 400 people have been injured at 200 school shootings in the U.S. – 130 of which occurred at elementary, middle and high schools in 43 different […]