America’s Ports Surge Ahead with $5 Trillion in Funding for Groundbreaking Infrastructure Overhaul

by Mary Scott Nabers America’s coast hosts more than 300 ports, which are vital to the U.S. economy. Annually, the ports contribute more than $5 trillion to the country’s GDP. Although port traffic was disrupted significantly by COVID-19, port traffic is greater now than ever. Before the pandemic, port officials rushed to dredge deeper channels to […]

This Issue Provides Thousands of New Opportunities for Collaboration

by Mary Scott Nabers   America has a waste problem – not only is it expensive, but it is a daunting issue for all. Public waste management operations in many cities cannot absorb population growth, urban expansion, and the overwhelming increase of industrialization. New systems, locations, equipment, and technology are required. Public officials work overtime to […]

The electrification of vehicles in America is occurring rapidly in bus fleets

by Mary Scott Nabers The effort to electrify vehicles is a growing trend sweeping through America. The task is expensive enough to keep it from ever being quick. Still, funding is available from numerous sources and the commitment to accomplish what would once have seemed impossible is obvious. One of the largest vehicle fleets in the […]

America Has New Funding for Projects That Provide Energy Resiliency

A new multi-billion-dollar funding program was created recently to support energy infrastructure projects and will be overseen by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). With $10.5 billion available for public and private sector projects that strengthen America’s energy supply, an announcement was made over the last several days that the first round of funding has […]

U.S. Airports Will Offer Hundreds of Collaboration Opportunities in 2024

by Mary Scott Nabers   Airports nationwide either have major upgrades in progress, or such initiatives are being designed for a 2024 launch date. A significant decline in air travel related to pandemic restrictions has been dramatically reversed and recent studies now report that a majority of Americans have plans to fly somewhere in the next […]

Approved Funding from Bond Elections Represents Billions for Projects in 2024

by Mary Scott Nabers   Efforts are underway throughout the country to upgrade and expand America’s infrastructure. More often than not, the required funding is made available through local bond elections. When elected officials seek approval for funding that will become debt, the projects to be funded are outlined in detail for full transparency. Billions in […]

Clean energy projects are abundant now but will likely double or triple in the next several years

by Mary Scott Nabers Funding and support are abundantly available for clean energy projects in America.  The federal government has allocated billions in funding to incentivize Americans to move to clean energy.  A head-spinning amount of the funding is earmarked for projects that transition facilities of all types to solar power. In July, the Environmental Protection […]