Carbon emission concerns are rapidly changing delivery requirements for construction projects

Here’s a fact that may be surprising – it surely was to me. The construction or renovation of buildings accounts for approximately 39% of the total global energy-related carbon emissions each year. Embodied carbon contributes another 11%. That category refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions generated over the lifecycle of a building, road or […]

Water, water everywhere – Almost all of it will be upgraded soon

In February of 2024, additional federal funding was announced for water and wastewater infrastructure projects. The funding is part of the government’s effort to ensure reliable water resources and safe drinking water throughout America. Almost $6 billion is now available for every state and territory for water projects. As a result, contracting opportunities for private […]

Private sector partners for installations of EV charging station infrastructure are in high demand

A federal program with a long name is in the process of allocating $5 billion to states for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI), administered by the Federal Highway Administration, is creating hundreds of contracting opportunities. The funding comes from the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed […]

Billions in savings possible with preemptive seismic upgrades to U.S. infrastructure

Damage repairs from earthquakes in the U.S. typically cost taxpayers approximately $15 billion a year. Considering that, funding to stabilize or prevent as much damage as possible is a good and prudent effort. According to FEMA and a recent geological survey, the cost of post-earthquake repair can be as much as three times higher than […]

U.S. cities are investing heavily in fire infrastructure renewal

America’s fire infrastructure is very old, and government leaders are trying to remedy that situation. Approximately 20,000 U.S. fire stations are over four decades old. That is an alarming statistic because the estimated useful life of a police or fire station is between 20 and 50 years. That means thousands of fire stations in America […]

No end in sight for water projects nearing the launch stage

It is somewhat challenging to list all the components of water infrastructure. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines the term as “all man-made and natural features that move and treat water.” And because it takes all types of systems and networks to deliver clean drinking water and preserve water resources, it is difficult to identify […]

$122 billion school funding ignites public-private construction boom

Congress appropriated an extremely large amount of funding for school projects, and the final round allocations totaled $122 billion. That’s a huge amount – about $380 per person in the U.S. This revenue came through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief program and was delivered with a mandated deadline: It must be obligated by […]