As America invests in its infrastructure, sustainability is the goal

Sustainability has become an extremely hot topic because of the billions of dollars in federal funding available for projects that will protect and extend America’s infrastructure. Congress and government leaders at every jurisdictional level of government realize that we must upgrade and enhance the country’s basic infrastructure assets. Many diverse federal programs have funding available […]

Influx of federal funds spurring rail improvements nationwide

Rail projects are being launched in states throughout the country. Much of the funding requires a focus on projects that improve safety while also enhancing and/or upgrading rail infrastructure so the projects reflect that mandate. The much-needed rail project funding will allow public officials to reduce congestion, improve supply chain stability, and boost economic vitality. […]

Funding flowing to local governments for affordable housing construction

Billions of dollars in public funding and tax enrichments are currently available to support the construction of affordable housing throughout the U.S. The impetus behind these incentives is the country’s affordable housing shortage which has reached near-crisis stage. A recent report notes that all 50 states have an inadequate supply of housing for low-income families. […]

Large development projects around U.S. waterways – a growing trend fueled by new funding

Thousands of communities throughout the country owe their origins to a nearby waterway. The value of regional water resources has never been in dispute, and the coveted assets have never been underestimated. Now, there is a noticeable growing trend for community leaders to launch new initiatives designed to protect and enhance waterways because of their […]

Work to upgrade America’s bridges will result in thousands of bid opportunities

Millions of motorists cross bridges daily, and every driver assumes that these bridges are safe. That safety, however, comes at an extremely high price – high enough to have prohibited hundreds of bridge maintenance projects over the past decade. With new funding, bridges throughout the country now are receiving attention that is long overdue. More […]

Courthouse upgrades are evolving as high-priority targets for infrastructure funding

New federal infrastructure funding is beginning to reach local officials, and while the revenue will be spent in many ways, some commonalities are obvious. Many public officials will allocate the funding to refurbish roads or upgrade water systems. Others will use it for public transit or to expand airport facilities. Numerous plans have been announced […]

Big changes lie ahead … best to watch them carefully

America’s shifting social, political, economic, and environmental conditions have created rapid change. Leaders in industry and government are scrambling to respond. Their immediate focus appears to be on worker shortages, increasing costs, supply chain disruptions, and public safety but those issues are only at the top of an issues iceberg that looms large. In 2021, […]